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Hey everyone! I'm Jesse. I'm 18 and from the US. I'm Asexual and agender. If you have any questions or just want to chat, feel free to message me!

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Avengers vine idea: to the tune of bohemian rhapsody, Natasha says ‘thunderbolts and lightening’, Clint says ‘very very frightening’, then the camera pans around to Thor out the window summoning lightening like ‘ME’


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In honor of reaching 11,000 followers, I have decided to do a small giveaway!

What you’ll get!

  • A tiger infinity scarf
  • A ruched floral scarf
  • 5 colored eyeliner pencils
  • Pink, floral bun holder
  • iPhone 5 best friend cases
  • Love best friend bracelets
  • 20 stud earrings
  • Nail art set
  • 2 headbands

I know it’s not a lot, but I really wanted to do something special for all of you! One winner will be chosen to receive all the items you see above. I promise this isn’t a scam, I really will be sending this off to someone completely for free!


  1. You must be following me, speak-with-passion.
  2. You must reblog this post. Each post will count as an entry into the contest, but please don’t spam your dashboard and bother others.
  3. Likes will not count but can be used to bookmark the post.
  4. You must be willing to give me your address. I will pay for the shipping and have it sent straight to your house. 
  5. I will message the winner once they are chosen. You will have 3 days to respond. If you don’t reply, a new winner will be chosen.
  6. The contest will run until August 7, 2014. You have until then to reblog this post as many times as you would like.

Again, I know it’s not much. But I am really excited to give back to my amazing followers. Happy reblogging!

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hey canadians have fun at school tomorrow


hey americans have fun paying your health care


stop guys we’re friends remember


Children, behave else mother shall have to give the pair of you a bollocking. 


You couldn’t beat 13 states, let alone 50.


hey guys


what’s going on over here?


I just choked

tumblr country wars are the best

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i hate when i’m too comfortable around someone because then my brain thinks its ok to act weird but even then i end up being too weird

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the courtroom is tense.  the judge enters the room.  “all rise” says the bailiff.  the souffle in a small oven at my feet is finally done

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my mom has been a cop for over 20 years and she is the one who constantly warns me about police aggression and young male cops and told me that if you’re ever alone on a rural road and a cop throws their lights on to put on your four ways and drive to the next gas station before stopping because so many cops are scum and it’s not worth the chance of getting hurt. the fact that SHE feels the need to tell me this shit scares me to death

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One of the worst feelings has got to be when you’re prepared for Under Pressure and Ice Ice Baby comes on instead

Or when you’re prepared for Take On Me and Feel This Moment comes on instead

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"You can’t just change the race of cultural icons like Captain America! It’s an important part of their identity and message!"

Jesus: Ah yes.

Jesus: Can’t imagine who would do that.

Jesus: What a shame.

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i hope that, wherever my hair ties go, they’re happy. that’s all that matters

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